Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lamenters Army humble beginnings

Good evening readers! 
Been awhile since I did a blog update but I have big news for everyone.  I had to change my army for the Throne of Skulls because basecoating over 80 Orks was just not happening in that amount of time.  I had about 3 weeks to do 33 Lamenters Space Marines, and this is the beginning of the journey.  Daily I will update and show more progress.  I have about one week left, and I am almost done.  Stay tuned...

Averland Sunset Spray painted on the models

Averland Sunset washed with the new Casadora Yellow.  That is such a good wash for yellow.  This is the basecoat for the yellow.
And that's today's update.  Tomorrow you'll see more basecoating and details done, plus a few finished models (tabletop standard).
Thanks for viewing.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ork Big Shoota

Good evening everyone,

A quick little update on my 1,500 Throne of Skulls / Escalation League army progress.  Below I have included some pics of one of my Ork Big Shootas.  I did some freehand on his flames and some dags on his straps.  More or less just showing off the work.  Enjoy!

My those are some lovely freehand flames you've done to his helmet.

Is it hot in here or is it just these flames on my helmet?

I will gladly show everyone how I did the flames.  It's so easy to do!  I get compliments all the time on them and people assume it's so difficult to do, but all it essentially is... well is just a squiggly line painted and thicked as you go down repeatedly!

Tutorial coming soon. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Good evening,
I am including the latest shots of my warboss from earlier this morning.  I didn't quite get him finished in time for the contest, but I entered him anyway.  He was so close!  I am going to finish him for the throne of skulls tournament.  Whoops, ruined the surprise.
I'm going to THRONE OF SKULLS!!!  Wish me luck, I have to finish my army by the beginning of October!  And I spent over a week working on this guy!  I plan on painting his retinue the same standard.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

The verdigris was simple to achieve.  With a base of thinned down stegadon green, you wash the area you want to get.  Then with a fine detail brush add sotek green.  Finish the process with the Temple Guard blue to bring the effect to life!
The battle damage was easy to do.  For battle damage you should use whatever base color you used as the focal point for the scratch/chip/bullet impact and start with a shape.  A slash, or a small cut usually.  Focus on the edges.  Then inside that shape I used the old Games Workshop Color Dark Flesh.  From there add Ironbreaker or Boltgun metal.  Finish with Runefang Silver or Mithiril Silver.

Soon I will go over detailed how to on the verdigris and chipping effect.  Also freehand flames.  But for now I included a quick down and dirty version above.  Enjoy.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Assault on Black Reach converted Warboss WIP

Good evening,

Attached below is my current project I've been working on for a week now.  This Saturday is a local painting contest at my Games Workshop.  The entry has to be one HQ choice.  I have opted to use my Warboss.  He is loosely based off the old masterclass article in White Dwarf some time ago.  So below are pics, I'll just let you enjoy the progress.  All painting was done using the new Citadel Colors.  

Started with the skin and pants first.

Started the painful process of building up the yellow basecoat.

The secret to yellow?  Use several thin coats.  SEVERAL.

And that's all for today.  More shots tonight of the finished product (I hope) plus a major announcement from FPS.  See you later!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Orks vs Tau! Last Battle Report at 500 points.

Good morning readers.
Today I have the final 500 point game I was to play in the league.  For this mission my opponent was the very friendly Tau player Chase. 
Chase's Tau Army.  Two squads of Fire Warriors, a Broadside Battlesuit, two Crisis Battlesuits, and one Tau Commander
My Bad Moonz Boyz.  Two squads of 20 boyz and a Warboss.
A Tau Recon Element finds a chance encounter with an Ork Warband.
The mission was "The Relic".  I brought an objective marker so we used my Ork Totem as "The Relic".  Chase was lucky enough to steal the intiative from me so he took the first turn.

Chase and the magic hands rolling some amazing dice rolls.
I made the rookie mistake of not attaching my warboss to one of the Boyz squads.  His Broadside took advantage by Instant Killing him with a rail gun shot right in the face. 
The Ork Boyz decide that rail gun rounds and heads don't mix well, so they sprint to cover
After losing my Warboss my plan is to simply focus on capturing the relic and keeping it in cover with my other squad of boyz to charge if he got too close.  I took some light fire and sustained small loses but primed myself to get into better position.
Chase continues to punish my boyz by having his Crisis suits hop in and out of cover to fire on my boyz.  Very true to Tau nature.

Ork Boyz capture the relic!
I had a feeling I was going to take some losses, but I had enough to buffer the damage.  I planned on relocating the relic to the safety of cover, but Chase had other plans.  His Fire Warriors ate their wheaties that day and killed about 6 boyz each squad, and his battle suits grinded down the Relic holding squad to about half!!!  Real good dice rolls.  I was counting on him to retreat and hoping he would roll low, but of course he didn't.  If he did, he would have been in charge range and the bodies would have stacked. 
By this time I realized I sustained too many loses to successfully win the game, so I concede by top of turn 4.
Lesson of the game- PUT YOUR WARLORD IN A SQUAD!!!!!
Very fun game despite being one sided.  Chase was a great opponent and I am having a blast in the league.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dark Vengeance Librarian conversion

Hello again! 

I am taking a break as a reward for doing so well by painting nearly 40 Orks in 2 weeks to do some of my Lamenters Space Marines!

I recently picked up the Dark Vengeance set from my local Games Workshop Hobby Center, and I am VERY impressed with the contents.  I had been scheming of ways to convert the different models into my own Blood Angels army, The Lamenters.  A lot of people told me it would be too difficult to attempt to convert the contents of the box set, but I had to try!  So below is my new Librarian of the Lamenters Chapter!  Enjoy!

All parts come from the Death Company box set.  This amazing kit is full of a lot of bits you can use to kit bash and convert Space Marines.  I went for the back pack with the skull on it because I feel that a librarian has a somewhat sinister appearance and wanted to reflect that in his apparel. Also, I chose the Shoulder Guard that had angel wings sculpted onto the sides, but left the main area open as I wanted to free hand checker patterns onto it and of course show off the chapter badge.

Another view of the backpack.

A front view of the chest.  I had to be pretty surgical to remove the Dark Angels emblem on his chest.  I started with the hobby knife and used a round file to help file down the creases in the robes.  All in all it was a pretty smooth and effective job. 

For the Librarians Force Weapon arm, I had to essentially clip off the entire shoulder pad.  I used a wad of green stuff to make a new shoulder. I then had to file down some of the wire inside the hilt of the blade to make room for the sculpted shoulder pad.  I also had to SLIGHTLY file the rim of the pad to allow for the hilt to still remain showing.  Be very careful when filing/clipping this area.  You could accidentally file off the hilt. 

The conversion itself wasn't extremely difficult, it was the filing that took the most part.  All in all, about an hour to do the whole thing. 

Thanks again for looking!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Almost finished painting 500 points...

A quick update on my 500 points for the escalation league.

The turn in is today at 1 PM.  I unfortunately didn't get them all painted to the standard I wanted them in, but they are all basecoated at the very least.  Over half are painted and just waiting for highlights/battle damage.  Not bad for two weeks.  I will have a whole month to finish these plus the next 500 points of Orks.  So without further adeui...

Left needs Warboss Green layer.  Right has Warboss Green layer just waiting on Teeth and eyes.

Close up of the left side.  Over half this army is converted/kitbashed from Assault on Black Reach.  I can barely tell which ones are multi part plastic boyz anymore.

Close up of the right side.  Just missing Snarsnik Green highlight and eyes.  Plus the occasional touch up here and there. 

That's basically it.  I did all this in about two weeks which was very tough to do because boy I sure love to go out and have a few drinks... hahaha but focus this month!  I will be ready.  And my Warboss will be ready for mid September's painting contest.  Which is one HQ choice.

Thanks for viewing!  Battle Report from yesterday's game of Orks vs Tau coming up tomorrow.