Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Throne of Skulls 2012

Hello again! 
Below is a snapshot of the armies and games I played while I was at the Throne of Skulls event in Memphis, Tennessee 2012.  It was a very humble and small event.  A lot of the players there were perfect gentlemen and I had a great time even though I went 1-4.  I learned a GREAT DEAL from my opponents.  If you do get the opportunity, please attend an event like this one! 

My Lamenters against my opponent's Space Wolves.  His army was beautifully painted.  He won best painted.

Free beer and snacks?  Yes, please!

The other Space Wolf player I faced.  His army was gorgeous as well. 

The only army I beat at the event, Raven Guard.  Pretty good looking army.  My opponent this game was nice enough to give me some pointers in mid game and help me win. 

That's me holding the certificate.  Second place in the pub quiz. 

Some pictures of the layout of the event and one of the trophies.

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