Wednesday, August 29, 2012

500 Pt 6th edition battle

Good morning fans!
Today I am posting a battle report.  A few weeks old, but this is my first 6th edition game and my first game in the league! I was super excited because on paper sixth edition looks to be the BEST edition of the rules yet!  Without further adeu...
Below pictured is my army.. 500 points.  
Below pictured is my opponents army.  The Salamanders.  Lots of respect for my opponent.  Both of our first games of 6th edition.

Below is my squad of boyz charging a tactical squad of Space Marines Salamanders.  It is turn two and I declared my WAAAGH on him.  Fleet of foot is really nice for re rolling charge distance. 
Turn two, charing against his dreadnaught.  I didn't want him to keep popping round off me.  Unfortunately this brute didn't want to go down without a fight so he held me off for 3 turns while I glanced him to death.
Turn three- His Sergeant challenged me to single combat and lost.  After my boyz killed a few of his marines he used "and they shall know no fear" and retreated.  Next turn his marines opened fire on mine and rapid fired their bolters rather than deny me the charge.
My Warboss finally enters the fray.  He single handedly destroyed this entire squad over the course of two turns.

After the tactical marines defeat my first squad of boyz, my survivors killed the dreadnaught and regroup on my warboss.  This is the final turn of the game (turn 4) and my opponents last space marine left standing.  Obviously, he stood no chance and in this capture points mission, I killed his army to the last man.  At least he had honor.  

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen!  6th edition is wonderful!  Random charge works EXCELLENT with WAAAGH and fleet of foot.  I closed the distance quickly with it and was engaged in close combat by turn two.  I am going to continue to run a horde army list in the 1000 points that is to come.  But I am going to run a Big Mek to give a cover save!!!!  This would help greatly.  The mission called for night fighting which saved my ass. 
Thank you again for viewing.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I will be a lot more in depth for the 1000 point battle.  So far I have an undefeated streak with my army.  More pictures coming tomorrow.  I am almost done painting the army.

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