Saturday, September 1, 2012

Almost finished painting 500 points...

A quick update on my 500 points for the escalation league.

The turn in is today at 1 PM.  I unfortunately didn't get them all painted to the standard I wanted them in, but they are all basecoated at the very least.  Over half are painted and just waiting for highlights/battle damage.  Not bad for two weeks.  I will have a whole month to finish these plus the next 500 points of Orks.  So without further adeui...

Left needs Warboss Green layer.  Right has Warboss Green layer just waiting on Teeth and eyes.

Close up of the left side.  Over half this army is converted/kitbashed from Assault on Black Reach.  I can barely tell which ones are multi part plastic boyz anymore.

Close up of the right side.  Just missing Snarsnik Green highlight and eyes.  Plus the occasional touch up here and there. 

That's basically it.  I did all this in about two weeks which was very tough to do because boy I sure love to go out and have a few drinks... hahaha but focus this month!  I will be ready.  And my Warboss will be ready for mid September's painting contest.  Which is one HQ choice.

Thanks for viewing!  Battle Report from yesterday's game of Orks vs Tau coming up tomorrow. 

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