Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lamenters Army humble beginnings

Good evening readers! 
Been awhile since I did a blog update but I have big news for everyone.  I had to change my army for the Throne of Skulls because basecoating over 80 Orks was just not happening in that amount of time.  I had about 3 weeks to do 33 Lamenters Space Marines, and this is the beginning of the journey.  Daily I will update and show more progress.  I have about one week left, and I am almost done.  Stay tuned...

Averland Sunset Spray painted on the models

Averland Sunset washed with the new Casadora Yellow.  That is such a good wash for yellow.  This is the basecoat for the yellow.
And that's today's update.  Tomorrow you'll see more basecoating and details done, plus a few finished models (tabletop standard).
Thanks for viewing.


  1. Hey looked through your blog. I have to say I really like your style.

    Keep at it!


  2. Good to see you finally posting about these guys. I want to see more progress!