Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dark Vengeance Librarian conversion

Hello again! 

I am taking a break as a reward for doing so well by painting nearly 40 Orks in 2 weeks to do some of my Lamenters Space Marines!

I recently picked up the Dark Vengeance set from my local Games Workshop Hobby Center, and I am VERY impressed with the contents.  I had been scheming of ways to convert the different models into my own Blood Angels army, The Lamenters.  A lot of people told me it would be too difficult to attempt to convert the contents of the box set, but I had to try!  So below is my new Librarian of the Lamenters Chapter!  Enjoy!

All parts come from the Death Company box set.  This amazing kit is full of a lot of bits you can use to kit bash and convert Space Marines.  I went for the back pack with the skull on it because I feel that a librarian has a somewhat sinister appearance and wanted to reflect that in his apparel. Also, I chose the Shoulder Guard that had angel wings sculpted onto the sides, but left the main area open as I wanted to free hand checker patterns onto it and of course show off the chapter badge.

Another view of the backpack.

A front view of the chest.  I had to be pretty surgical to remove the Dark Angels emblem on his chest.  I started with the hobby knife and used a round file to help file down the creases in the robes.  All in all it was a pretty smooth and effective job. 

For the Librarians Force Weapon arm, I had to essentially clip off the entire shoulder pad.  I used a wad of green stuff to make a new shoulder. I then had to file down some of the wire inside the hilt of the blade to make room for the sculpted shoulder pad.  I also had to SLIGHTLY file the rim of the pad to allow for the hilt to still remain showing.  Be very careful when filing/clipping this area.  You could accidentally file off the hilt. 

The conversion itself wasn't extremely difficult, it was the filing that took the most part.  All in all, about an hour to do the whole thing. 

Thanks again for looking!


  1. Nice job! I'll be doing similar work on mine. Planning on either pre-heresy DA or Angels of redemption if I'm not too lazy to remove all the DA icons and freehand the new insignia. They are beautiful sculpts but I like adding units of DA successors to my force just for variety.

    1. Thank you Zab! My next Dark Vengeance project is to convert that interrogator Chaplain. I was thinking of adding a jump pack and cutting off the censor, but that seems silly in his pose. I need to find an alternative weapon top for his Crosirus (probably spelled that wrong).