Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Orks vs Tau! Last Battle Report at 500 points.

Good morning readers.
Today I have the final 500 point game I was to play in the league.  For this mission my opponent was the very friendly Tau player Chase. 
Chase's Tau Army.  Two squads of Fire Warriors, a Broadside Battlesuit, two Crisis Battlesuits, and one Tau Commander
My Bad Moonz Boyz.  Two squads of 20 boyz and a Warboss.
A Tau Recon Element finds a chance encounter with an Ork Warband.
The mission was "The Relic".  I brought an objective marker so we used my Ork Totem as "The Relic".  Chase was lucky enough to steal the intiative from me so he took the first turn.

Chase and the magic hands rolling some amazing dice rolls.
I made the rookie mistake of not attaching my warboss to one of the Boyz squads.  His Broadside took advantage by Instant Killing him with a rail gun shot right in the face. 
The Ork Boyz decide that rail gun rounds and heads don't mix well, so they sprint to cover
After losing my Warboss my plan is to simply focus on capturing the relic and keeping it in cover with my other squad of boyz to charge if he got too close.  I took some light fire and sustained small loses but primed myself to get into better position.
Chase continues to punish my boyz by having his Crisis suits hop in and out of cover to fire on my boyz.  Very true to Tau nature.

Ork Boyz capture the relic!
I had a feeling I was going to take some losses, but I had enough to buffer the damage.  I planned on relocating the relic to the safety of cover, but Chase had other plans.  His Fire Warriors ate their wheaties that day and killed about 6 boyz each squad, and his battle suits grinded down the Relic holding squad to about half!!!  Real good dice rolls.  I was counting on him to retreat and hoping he would roll low, but of course he didn't.  If he did, he would have been in charge range and the bodies would have stacked. 
By this time I realized I sustained too many loses to successfully win the game, so I concede by top of turn 4.
Lesson of the game- PUT YOUR WARLORD IN A SQUAD!!!!!
Very fun game despite being one sided.  Chase was a great opponent and I am having a blast in the league.  

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