Saturday, September 15, 2012


Good evening,
I am including the latest shots of my warboss from earlier this morning.  I didn't quite get him finished in time for the contest, but I entered him anyway.  He was so close!  I am going to finish him for the throne of skulls tournament.  Whoops, ruined the surprise.
I'm going to THRONE OF SKULLS!!!  Wish me luck, I have to finish my army by the beginning of October!  And I spent over a week working on this guy!  I plan on painting his retinue the same standard.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

The verdigris was simple to achieve.  With a base of thinned down stegadon green, you wash the area you want to get.  Then with a fine detail brush add sotek green.  Finish the process with the Temple Guard blue to bring the effect to life!
The battle damage was easy to do.  For battle damage you should use whatever base color you used as the focal point for the scratch/chip/bullet impact and start with a shape.  A slash, or a small cut usually.  Focus on the edges.  Then inside that shape I used the old Games Workshop Color Dark Flesh.  From there add Ironbreaker or Boltgun metal.  Finish with Runefang Silver or Mithiril Silver.

Soon I will go over detailed how to on the verdigris and chipping effect.  Also freehand flames.  But for now I included a quick down and dirty version above.  Enjoy.

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